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Synthetic fluid inclusions XVII 1 PVTX properties of high salinity H 2 O-NaCl solutions 30 wt NaCl Application to fluid inclusions that homogenize by halite disappearance from porphyry copper and other hydrothermal ore deposits

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Hedenquist J W 1999 Far Southeast-Lepanto porphyry-epithermal Cu-Au deposits Philippines Coupled hydrothermal processes between the porphyry and high-sulfidation environments in Weber Graeme ed PACRIM 99 Congress International Congress on Earth Science Exploration and Mining around the Pacific Rim Bali Indonesia October 10 13

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Treasure of Sierra Cobre -- How Do We Find Copper This website contains a geologic education module that allows students to get a feel for how we explore for mineral deposits Any material within the site can be used with no restrictions for educational noncommercial purposes as …

Adakite-like signature of Late Miocene intrusions at the

Beane R E and Bodnar R J 1995 Hydrothermal fluids and hydrothermal alteration in porphyry copper deposits in Pierce F W and Bohm J G Porphyry Copper Deposits of the American Cordillera Arizona Geological Society Digest 20 Tucson AZ p 83-93 Hvdrothermal Fluids and Hvdrothermal Alteration in Porphyry Copper Deposits

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Read Volume 112 Issue 7 of Economic Geology On the cover Geologic north-south pretilt cross section of the Yerington batholith based on mapped exposures in the Singatse Range showing projected geology from the Buckskin Range on the west and the Luhr Hill area on the east The geology and ore deposits of this region are described in the paper by Schöpa et al in this issue

Synthetic fluid inclusions XVII 1 PVTX properties of high

A probabilistic mineral resource assessment of undiscovered resources in porphyry copper deposits in the Tethys region of western and southern Asia was carried out as part of a global mineral resource assessment led by the U S Geological Survey USGS The purpose of the study was to delineate geographic areas as permissive tracts for the occurrence of porphyry copper deposits at a scale of 1

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Suggestions from Bureau geologists Stephen J Reynolds Jon Spencer and H Wesley Peirce were also helpful Joseph The porphyry copper districts 1a and stratabound volcanogenic massive sulfide districts 9 are assigned designations based entirely on designated the age of T J Only copper was produced in dis­

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CERTIFICATE Mr STEPHEN J GODDEN C Eng I Stephen J Godden C Eng of P O Box 54113 North Vancouver British Columbia Canada as the Principal Author of this report entitled Technical Report on the 2017 Mineral Resource Updates and Preliminary Economic Assessment Spectrum-GJ Copper-Gold Project Liard Mining Division British

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Virtual Worlds Virtual Field Trips and other Virtual Reality Files This page has links used in my NAGT Distinguish Speaker tour and NSF CCLI Workshop most being to 3D perspectives about the the Geology of Arizona Landscapes of the Southwest structural geology science-education reform and using Bryce5 to illustrate geology

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The Treasure of the Sierra Cobre — How Do We Find Copper Deposits Introduction Copper is one of society s most important metals being used in wiring and plumbing in homes and factories phone lines automobiles airplanes computers coins and as alloys such as bronze and brass

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Sep 13 2003· Adakite-like features are recognized in the Late Miocene 10 Ma porphyritic intrusions of the Los Pelambres giant porphyry copper deposit central Chile …

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Porphyry Copper Assessment of the Tibetan Plateau China Scientific Investigations Report 2010 5090 F U S Department of the Interior U S Geological Survey Prepared in cooperation with the China Geological Survey and the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Porphyry Copper Assessment of the Tibetan Plateau China

Aug 15 2019· Out-of-Print AGS Guidebooks Last addition was made on 15 August 2019 1950 - 1959 Shride A F April 1952 Guidebook for field trip excursions in southern Arizona Arizona Geological Society and Geological Society of America Cordilleran Section Meeting Tucson Ariz April 10-14 1952 150 158 p Note this is the same document as AGS Digest 1

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How to make porphyry copper deposits Cin-Ty A Lee Ming Tang Article 115868 Download PDF Article preview select article Taphonomic bias in exceptionally preserved biotas Stephen J Romaniello Amy M Kuzminov Jessica Cofrancesco Natascha Riedinger Article 115878 Download PDF

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article{Bierlein2015TheJO title={The Jebel Ohier deposit—a newly discovered porphyry copper gold system in the Neoproterozoic Arabian Nubian Shield Red Sea Hills NE Sudan} author={Frank P Bierlein and Sean McKeag and Neal J Reynolds and C J Bargmann and W Bullen and Fionnuala C

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Sep 01 2019· Read Volume 114 Issue 6 of Economic Geology On the cover A Geologic sketch map of the East Slovak Basin showing the location of the Nižny´ Hrabovec mine B Oblique view of the mine looking toward the east-southeast Note the six levels of the mine and the profile used in geochemical sampling of the tuff

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Copper mineralization in the area is centered on each of the three granite porphyry bodies Each of the granite porphyries is highly altered and contains moderate amounts of copper minerals but many of the surface exposures evidently have been weathered and leached of copper by downward-moving groundwater derived from rain


AGS Membership Benefit - Download Articles from In-Print Digests AGS-22 Ores and Orogenesis Circum Pacific Tectonics Geologic Evolution and Ore Deposits edited by Jon E Spencer and Spencer R Titley Arizona Geological Society Digest 22 2008 622 p AGS-21 Desert Heat - Volcanic Fire The Geologic History of the Tucson Mountains and Southern Arizona by D A Kring 2002 Digest 21 103 p

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posed by the Committee this One Hundredth Anniversary Volume a series of forward-looking Special Papers commissioned for the regular issues of the journal during the centenary period and a Special Publication to coincide with a meeting in 2006 on the topic of Wealth Creation in the Minerals Industry

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Copper silver gold lead or tungsten related to formation of Stephen J Reynolds and Jon E Spencer Arizona Geological Survey Sarwar Azam Pakistan Geological Survey of the Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness Study Area The Harcuvar Mountains Wilderness Study Area study area £ THE HARCUVAR MOUNTAINS

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AU - Sparks R Stephen J AU - Blundy Jon D PY - 2017 11 Y1 - 2017 11 N2 - Many porphyry copper deposits are associated with granitoid plutons Porphyry copper deposit genesis is commonly attributed to degassing of pluton-forming intermediate to silicic magma chambers during slow cooling and …

Porphyry copper assessment of the Central Asian Orogenic

Porphyry copper deposits are the single largest source of copper which is the metal of choice for most electrical applications because copper is both highly conductive to electricity and is malleable Southeastern Arizona is the center of one of Earth s three great clusters of porphyry copper deposits the two others are in northern and

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The U S Geological Survey collaborated with international colleagues to assess undiscovered resources in porphyry copper deposits in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and eastern Tethysides These areas host 20 known porphyry copper deposits including the world class Oyu Tolgoi deposit in Mongolia that was discovered in the late 1990s The study area covers major parts of the world s largest