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How important is corporate social responsibility CSR in the mining world Ask any successful mining operation or leading mining company and the answer will most definitely be a resounding yes very important The mining industry unfortunately often falls victim to a widespread belief that it

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The Role of CSR in Development A Case Study Involving the Mining Industry in South America By CSR Corporate Social Responsibility development For example Newmont Mining has stated that The new mining implies social responsibilities …

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Mining companies have long had a questionable reputation for social responsibility especially in developing countries In recent years mining companies operating in developing countries have come under increased pressure as opponents have placed them under greater public scrutiny Mining companies have responded by developing global corporate social responsibility strategies as part …

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Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is often used to describe the social and environmental contributions and consequences of corporative activities and action It entails three key dimensions--economic development environmental protection and social cohesion • Related content Top 10 Associations raising awareness for the mining industry

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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY The corporate social responsibility CSR programs and achievements of the Company reflect its genuine commitment to being a responsible miner and a catalyst for sustainable community development by delivering economic social and environmental benefits to all its stakeholders especially in the communities where it operates

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Internationally and in South Africa mining companies are increasingly referring to corporate social responsibility CSR and partnerships in terms of the business case or the expectation that being responsible and collaborating with stakeholders is good for profits


Mar 13 2014· The Corporate Social Responsibility CSR programmes of mining companies tend to focus on community initiatives as their impact in economic social and environmental terms is felt greatest at the local level However the effectiveness of CSR initiatives in the oil gas and mining sectors has been increasingly questioned

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Canada s mining industry with its skilled and diverse workforce and leadership in corporate social responsibility could assist mineral-rich African nations with addressing their lack of skilled workforce in this competitive industry Continue Reading →


Mining and Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships in South Africa L Mabuza N Msezane and M Kwata In the light of challenges associated with sustainable development in the developing world the mining industry as is the case with other industries has been compelled to relook issues pertinent

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Salterbaxter notes a trend amongst reporters leaving out social from their reports and calling them corporate responsibility reports reflecting the increasing convergence of social responsibilities and corporate governance 4 Recent trends in social and environmental disclosure a case study of the top 10 mining companies 4 1

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ABSTRACT Corporate Social Responsibility CSR includes economic social and environmental aspects and it has particular significance in mining This paper explores the subject of CSR in the mining industry and the main synergies between CSR and environmental safety and quality management systems whose adoption has increased during recent decades

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However in recent years the global mining industry has addressed its social and environmental responsibilities numerous factors have contributed to this and the extractive industry is key in debates about social and environmental sustainability 2 The Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility is widely used to describe the obligations and responsibilities that a company should have for its stakeholders There have been a growing concern toward the issue of social responsibility 4 5 8 but there is no single definition of CSR mainly because the concept is ambiguous 14 and has been 9 -


ity conference under the theme Corporate Social Responsibility for Broad Based Em-powerment in the Mining Industry Corporate Social Responsibility is a business process a company adopts beyond its legal obliga-tions in order to create added economic so-cial and environmental value to society and

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This article engages internal organizational aspects of accountability for corporate social responsibility CSR in mining by challenging the current audit culture Audits offer a tool through which to shape and regulate corporate social performance CSP

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Context of mining and Corporate Social Responsibility in Zambia through a postdevelopment lens and feminist approaches Zambia Vision 2030 Vision statement reads in part Zambians by 2030 aspire to live in a strong and dynamic middle-income industrial nation that provides opportunities for improving the wellbeing of all embodying values of socio-

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Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa s Mining Industry Redressing the Legacy of Apartheid Madeleine Busacca Claremont McKenna College This Open Access Senior Thesis is brought to you by Scholarship Claremont It has been accepted for inclusion in …

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Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is an integral part of credible mining procedures How Mining Activities Affect Communities Mining affects local communities in many ways socially environmentally and economically When mines are constructed local …

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We examine the corporate social responsibility CSR experience of the mining industry and the limitations of CSR activities We consider the dominant ideologies that underpin these activities and then juxtapose those ideologies with academic and

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Mining and Corporate Social Responsibility Newmont Mining Corporation by Sheila M Puffer David T A Wesley More importantly the company had violated its social license with local communities putting in jeopardy its ability to conduct business in that country

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between the mining sector and the local and regional economies corporate social responsibility among others With this paper about Corporate Social Responsibility CSR prepared by Social Capital Group on behalf of Oxfam America we would like to contribute in a discussion that leads to possible ways of action and learning that each actor may

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Jun 25 2013· As the legal framework is limited in addressing CSR in general and in the mining industry in particular and also in light of what transpired in Marikana there is an argument to be made for providing NGOs and entities such as the Human Rights Commission HRC with a greater platform to address Corporate Social Responsibility in the mining sector

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As one of the largest mining companies operating in Zambia Konkola Copper Mines KCM strives to ensure that the impact of our investment goes beyond simply paying taxes but benefits the communities where we operate Our Corporate Social Responsibility CSR programmes have a rich history